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The Venom Kids started as a band, and now might be slowly morphing into a record label. Here are the bands that live at venomkids.com. Each link will lead you to information about the band and free music.



lacunae album "collapse" on sale at CDBaby.com and iTunes

Dark, vocally oriented electronic music. Beautifully spoken lyrics dance around lithe, distant melodies and pounding industrial beats. Something like Boards of Canada runs into Skinny Puppy at a bar while buying a Cognac for Portishead. A collaboration between myself, Kasten Searles and Arson Bright.
(Also check out lacunae on MySpace)


Electric Dammit

Electric Dammit

Electro-folk rock? Tech-country? I'm not sure what to call it. Something like Clem Snide's drummer fell asleep and a guy with a glitchy laptop snuck up to replace him. Brad Berger on guitar/vocals and me on machines, doing our best to purge those bitter moments.
(Also check out ED on MySpace)


the Venom Kids

the Venom Kids

My ever growing pool of solos and one-shot collaborations spanning back to college days in the late 90s. For the most part, soft, melodic ambient. Have a listen and relax.


Lacunae Album: Collapse

lacunae album "collapse" now on sale at CDBaby.com and iTunes. Go check it out!



venomkids.com is the stomping ground of Anthony Peluso (me). I post my music and my thoughts here. This may or may not be a good thing.

I am, apart from my music, a Web Developer. I enjoy cramming databases up web servers' backsides and making CDs talk to the Internet. I also make a mockery of graphics and design in my spare time.


email: anthony at venomkids dot com


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